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How to Hook a Dorado - 11th June 04
As we sailed from Cabo San Lucas to La Paz we noticed a number of large, sporty-looking fishing boats. After his success with the blue fin tuna on the outside of the Baja, Carl decided he'd have a go and whipped out his fishing rod quicker than anyone could say "I don't want fish for dinner." After about five minutes the line started paying out and it looked like the lucky lure had struck again.

Carl reeled in the line, the rod bent in a huge arch, Winston was poised on the edge of the boat, Gemma was ready with the camera, all great excitement. Suddenly an enormous dorado (Mahi Mahi), blue, green and yellow surfaced. It was at least five feet and surely over a hundred pounds. The battle was brief as the great fish surfaced, dove, surfaced again and then... snapped the rod! Taking the not-so-lucky lure with it, that certainly was the one that got away!

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