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How to Master a Marlin - 15th October 04
Hundreds of feet of line spun madly off the reel and Carl's greatest fishing ambition was finally realised. He'd snagged the ultimate prize, the marlin.

The dance of the marlin was a beautiful sight to behold as it leapt and spun, jumping madly as it tried ever more desperately to rid itself of the lure and be free.

Carl played it for what seemed like hours, slowly reeling in the massive fish. It started to tire then with another burst of energy flung itself out of the water again and again. It's hard to gauge the size but we think it was at least six feet long and that's on the conservative side!

The great fish, its strength gone lay exhausted and calm but not yet defeated as it somehow finally managed to rid itself of the tantalizing lure and was gone.

Somehow after that, fishing just hasn't been the same!

Final Score: Fish: 1 Carl: 0

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