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Paradise bound - 7th February 05
After a break from the boat over Christmas (see Part 25 Winter Holiday) we finally returned to La Paz in mid January.

Having now driven the single-lane highway which extends along the entire length of the Baja peninsula four times, and covers almost 2000kms, we can highly recommend NOT driving this road or at least, certainly not more than once. The conditions were challenging to say the least, torrential rain; lakes of mud; enormous semi-trailers; fifteen massive motor homes in convoy from Canada; dense, disorientating fog; cows on the road wearing camouflage gear and more.

In yet another Mexican rental car (having changed to Thrifty) we aqua-planed through massive lakes of water whilst overtaking semi-trailers in fog. Experiences not for the faint-hearted and which had at least one of us clutching the seat beat several times during the drive.

After a longer than anticipated stay in La Paz (a somewhat familiar theme) we finally cast off the lines on February 7th, swallowed the queasy remnants of extremely severe food poisoning the day before, and set off for Paradise Village Marina, Puerto Vallarta.

We estimated 60 hours at sea to cover almost four hundred miles; three nights and two days, to arrive early in the morning in paradise.

Motoring through the La Paz channel we spotted a dinghy racing towards us. Hands waving madly, it was the crew of Magena. Jeff, Annette and their two gorgeous girls, future super-models, Cosette and Giselle Drake. We were delighted to see them as we'd missed saying goodbye and we'd enjoyed the time we'd spent together in La Paz.

The crossing from La Paz to Puerto Vallarta was some of the best sailing we'd had. Consistent winds had us speeding across to the mainland ahead of time and for once, the challenge was trying to slow Indigo Moth down to arrive in daylight. Despite the excellent sailing conditions though the crew morale was generally low and issues of health arose. Another piece of advice, for anyone who has suffered with severe food poisoning, consider carefully before setting sail the next day.

No harm done however as on the morning of the third day we arrived in Paradise Village and tied up to the dock, tired but ready to explore paradise.

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